360 Feedback Can Help in Better Employee Evaluation

The 360 feedback is one of the best performance evaluation methods which offer a comprehensive assessment of the performance and behavior of the employees. This kind of feedback has a huge difference from the traditional appraisal methods. The source of this assessment includes subordinates, managers, peers, and also supervisors. These people offer a significant appraisal of the target employee. The appraisal can be compiled in order to obtain an overall impression of the performance of the employee. 360 Feedback a great system for securing information that can be effectively used by the management during the process of decision making.360 feedback

Augments Self-Awareness

One of the most significant benefits of conducting a 360 degree appraisal in office is that it helps in increasing self-awareness. The participants of the appraisal are provided with an overall report which includes the strength of the employees, as well as the area where he/she has to improve. Thus, the employee will gain an insight into their behavior and also how the target employee is perceived by other people. The employee can gain a deeper understanding if he compares the assessment with the rating authority.

A Balanced View

This 360 degree appraisal can be useful for the employee since it can offer a balanced and well-rounded view of their expertise, as well as their behavior. In this, the feedback isn’t simply offered from the supervisors but from various people who are a part of the organization. This way the appraisal turns out to be fairer. It will also provide an accurate picture of the behavior of the employees.

Leverages Strength

360 degree appraisal offers a multi-rater feedback. It helps in uncover the blinds spots of an employee. This will help the employee to understand the behavior that he/she is exhibiting but are unable fathom otherwise. Showing the blind spots is actually necessary for long-term employees. This way the employees will be able to focus on their development and learning which are applicable to the neglected behavior.

360 degree feedback

Develops Skills

The most significant aspect of 360 degree appraisal is that they offer the individuals with a starting point so that they are able to develop new behaviors and skills. This goes for improving the current strength and developing new ones. The 360 degree appraisal offers the employees with an ownership of their own development by making a customized improvement plan. This will help in encouraging accountability and will offer the employees with a control over their career. Since they play a central part in their own development, the appraisal also increases their engagement in the process of appraisal.

It is usually assumed that the failure and success of an organization is an indication of the efficacious of the senior employees. Though this might be true to some extent, a lot could be benefited with an assessment of senior employees by their colleagues and subordinates. In such cases, a 360 degree appraisal can prove to be useful since it offers an anonymous review. This will help in building trust among the managers and the employees.